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Zatvarač sa duplim dihtungom AP-1 namenjen je PET bocama u koje se pakuju negazirana pića i tečnosti.


Tehničke specifikacije:

Closure type One-piece closures with bore sealing for one way PET bottles
For bottle neck finish PET BPF
Material High density polyethylene (HDPE)
Weight 2,340 kg/1000pcs
Performance CO2 content up to 7.0 g/l (4 vol. %)
Removal torque between 5 and 12 inlbs
Capping speed per head up to 2.500 bottles/hour (max. speed not yet known)
Packaging Recycling carton 400x600x400 mm (LxBxH)
EUR – palette 800x1200 mm
Carton/palette 20
Pieces/carton 4500 (+/- 1%) closures
Storage and application The delivered closures can be stored in stock up to 12 months after production date in order to prevent deterioration from

UV light, smell and high temperature variation.

Recommended storage temperature: max. 35°C.

Temperature by application must be: min. 16°C.

The application specification for the closure depends on the following parameters:

 type of bottle / neck finish;

 number and type of capping heads

 speed of capping heads, efficiency.

 Recommended static torque of capping heads: 12-14 inlbs

 Recommended head pressure: 140-160 N

The bottle must be fixed during application process against tuning.

The parameters of application are static values. It will be however necessary to adapt to existing conditions (e.g. capping

machine, capping heads, capping speed, bolt neck and temperature).